Anxiety Counseling

Welcome –

I am a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in helping people cope with anxiety and panic attacks. I have had success helping people understand and manage their anxiety using cognitive behavior therapy, education, and other coping strategies including mindfulness and meditation.  I do not believe “one size fits all” so I work hard to offer each client different choices to fit their needs.  I will help you develop a network of coping/life skills that fit your lifestyle, to decrease your anxiety.

I believe in working together to find the right combination of tools to help you find relief from your anxiety.

Reaching out for help is an important first step. I look forward to talking with you further to see how I can help.

For a complimentary phone consultation or to schedule an appointment, call 585-402-6156 or fill out your contact information in the form below and click the submit button.  I will respond to all inquiries as soon as possible.