Grief Counseling

Because I am retiring in May of 2020, I am no longer accepting new clients. 

Thank you.

Welcome –

If you have come to this page you have probably experienced a loss or know someone who has.

There are many types of losses…loss of a loved one, loss of a pet, loss from divorce, loss from a medical problem, loss of a job, etc.  All losses are valid and deserve attention.

People often misunderstand the grieving process and sometimes say things like… “It’s been a year, why don’t you feel better by now?”.  Grief has no time frame.  Everyone grieves differently and in their own time.  Often grieving is a painful process which requires additional support and understanding.   Too often we are expected to “move on with our life”,  “get over it” and “let it go”, before we are ready or able to.  A loss is not something we “get over” but something we can learn to live with.

Soon after a loss, our grief is intense and we view the whole world through our grief.  With support, education, coping skills and understanding you can find a way to honor your loss, to find a place for it.  By giving ourselves the attention we need during grief, we can find ways to begin to see the world differently, with our loss as part of our world, but not our whole world.

I specialize in helping people navigate the grief process.  Walking with people through their grief is an honor and privilege I take very seriously.